The peyote bead stitch even count flat is one of the easiest beading stitches you can do.  If you’re not familiar with bead weaving, even count peyote is an excellent starting point.

Peyote Stitch Earrings, Even Count Flat
Peyote Stitch Earrings, Even Count Flat

Why is even count flat so easy?  It’s because every row is stitched the same way, and all the turns (when starting a new row) are simple and quick.  Once you’ve finished three rows of even peyote beading, it goes very fast.

The downside?  Not all patterns are suited to peyote even.   However, most patterns can be easily made or altered to use even count.

The earrings you see in the photo were done with even count peyote.  I used size 8 seed beads in AB red and AB gray colors with a single drop stitch, 24 beads in length.  I then added a 2-drop row of copper-colored Delicas on either side; I think it gives the earrings a more finished look, but it’s optional.

And then I stitched a loop up at the top with Delicas, so I could easily hang the earrings off the copper earring findings.

The earrings can easily  be made longer or shorter, and all kinds of variations are possible; the limit is just your imagination!  But it’s a quick and easy project — not to mention a lot of fun!

Below is a video that explains how to do the peyote beading stitch, even count flat.  I’m making a bracelet in this video, and it’s a nice project to do, to get used to the stitch.

There are two videos for you (it took me longer than I thought to shoot them, LOL).  Watch part 1 and then part 2 (right below it).

Click on the videos to start them playing.  If you double-click them, you’ll see them in full screen.

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