How to Make Jewelry Now came about for two reasons.  One, I love making jewelry.  Two, I enjoy sharing knowledge.  So, I thought I’d combine both into one website, all about jewelry.

Hi, my name is Gail Nettles, and I’ve made all kinds of jewelry.  I make lampwork beads (so I always have plenty on hand), but I also make jewelry.  I’ve tried the following, in no particular order:

  • Bead Weaving (peyote, right angle, square, ndebele, Russian spiral and more).
  • Bead Loom Weaving
  • Bead Embroidery
  • Kumihimo
  • PMC
  • Polymer Clay
  • Wire Work / Wire Wrapping / Wire Weaving
  • Viking Knit
  • Stringing

I’ve probably missed some, so as you can tell I’ve tried my hand at lots of different techniques.

My jewelry style tends to be on the “organic” or “freeform” side, except for viking knit, where I tend to make my work symmetrical.  So you’ll see a fair amount of freeform work on these pages.

Along with the (lots of) free information, I also have some tutorials on sale for particular techniques.  For example, I have a viking knit tutorial that covers the technique “soup to nuts” with plenty of photos, as well as has a project you can make.

So you’ll see both kinds of information, and I hope you find both useful and enjoyable.

I also have supplies information as well.  A lot of it is on ebay, but there are also other places I’ll share where you can get supplies.  And here’s the deal; sometimes (but not most times) I may get a commission if you buy something I recommend to you.  You will never pay even a penny more than what you’d pay without the commission.  But I will never recommend something that I don’t think is worthwhile, or a supplier that has let me down.  After all, I like to think that we’re all part of the same “jewelry making family”!

So welcome to How to Make Jewelry Now.  I hope you enjoy your stay here and come back often.