Chain Maille Gallery

I’ve made various kinds of chain maille in the past, and continue it through the present.  Who knows where it will take me in the future!  Meanwhile, here are some examples of my work, for your viewing enjoyment.

This is the chain maille pattern known as Box or Queen's Link. I love the way it turned out in two colors!
Sometimes less is more. This is a simple chain maille weave, and it looks wonderful in a mixture of sterling and copper.
I came up with this weave a few years ago. And although lots of people come up with the same weaves, I haven't seen this posted anywhere else yet. I call it a "Captive Ladder" weave.
One of the most fascinating weaves - Dragonscale. This one was made in sterling silver and oh my -- was it ever heavy! I was sad when I sold it...but at least the new owner loved it!
I call this chain maille pattern "Celtic Kisses" because it makes and xoxoxo pattern.
This is a bracelet made in the Byzantine weave of chain maille. It makes for a wonderful necklace!