Beadwork Gallery 2

You know me, I always like to have plenty of eye candy around (at least I hope most of it is eye candy to you).

Kumihimo & Beaded Necklace With Wirework Pendant


A Bounty of Rivoli Pendants

Necklace made with kumihimo braiding, stringing and a beaded bead fo

Bead Embroidery Bracelets - "Perchance to Dream" and "Silver Starburst"

Wire-Wrapped Earrings With Dimensional Dangles

Necklace made with kumihimo braid, beaded bead and stringing.

One of my "Can Can Cabochon" necklaces!

Three of my "Can Can Cabochon" necklaces.

Here's a variation of Can-Can, which I call "Pearl Rain".

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