I showed you in the video for making a herringbone bracelet part 1 how to get started with the herringbone / ndebele stitch.  Now it’s time to see part 2, which is attaching the button portion of the clasp.

I’m using a button clasp, but you don’t need to use a button, if you’d prefer to use a toggle clasp or perhaps a slide clasp.  I’m using a button because it’s easy, fast and have you seen the buttons out there?  There sure are some nice ones!

Making a Herringbone Bracelet, Part 2

So here you go — now that you have seen part 1, you’re ready to start putting on the clasp.  And yes, there is a herringbone part 3 video as well!

(Click on the video to start it playing.  If you double-click it, you’ll see it full screen.)

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